Resin Patches instead of digging and repairing.

Drain Patch Repairs

Excavating to repair pipe can sometimes be a real hassle due to what your digging through (a great patio etc). Patch repairs can be completed without having to excavate and have several benefits.

Example could be is you have a 20 meter run of pipe between which is 110 mm thick between two manholes and one joint has root ingress you can fix the issue with a patch repair. You might be told by the contractor that the roots will find there was into the next joint so a liner might be more appropriate however insurance companies don’t pay out for preventative measures they are happy to fix the issue at hand.

Similarly if your self funding to fix a broken pipe which is situated half way on a 15 meter run of pipe then why reline the hole lot if it is isolated as this will save you money to just correct the issue at hand.

Furthermore if you have connections or junctions that run into the pipe if you choose a liner you’ll have to then get a robotic cutter to re-open the lateral connections, alternatively with patches you can repair joints without covering connections or junctions so no need to excavate or use a robotic cutter. From the perspective of a contractor putting a resin patch in is more accurate when sealing off joints breaks that are near to junctions or connections as traditional pipe lining doesn’t give pin point accuracy.

Case Study

We had a job where a 50 meter run of pipe had 10 individual problem points being displaced joint, root ingress and clear breaks within the pipe. There was no way of excavating and putting a new pipe in as some of the pipe ran underneath a building. A traditional liner also wasn’t possible due to the amount of connections and junctions in the pipe run and the pipe was in pretty good condition other than these 10 isolated problems.

All 10 problem areas were corrected using resin patches and an inflatable packer putting them into place, we missed all of the junctions/connections and only covered the problem area.

In the long run there might be more problems with this pipe and it’s anyone’s guess as to when this will occur 1 year or 20 however the defective areas that now have patches have certainly improved the pipe run and if more are needed further down the line then at least it could be claimed through insurance.