Manholes and Inspection Chambers

Daily Drains are experienced when it comes to installing and repairing drains such as manholes and inspection chambers as well as soil pipes. Quite often drains become damaged as they become older and quite often need replacing or repairing. Daily Drains can help as it’s something we do often and have complete confidence in giving you a valued service.

Installing an inspection chamber is sometimes no easy task as they can vary in depth (1 meter to 4 meters) and the terrain differs. Factors have to be considered such as, are there building or trees close by.  When you hire a company you want the assurance that they’re 100% competent. Repairing an inspection chamber or manhole is an easier task. Benching can be re-applied bricks are adjusted and sealed in place again. There are many forms of repairing drains but we’d be happy to talk you through your particular problem. Replacement of inspection chamber covers as well as manhole covers is sometimes essential. Covers which are damaged sometimes have holes in them which can cause something to fall into the drain.

Fitting, replacing or repairing soil pipes

The soil pipes sole purpose is to transport waste and grey water to the main sewer or septic tank/soakaway etc if your not connected. Waste usually comes from toilets, sinks and other water based appliances. When needed Daily Drains can fit or replace underground and above ground soil pipes. We measure the distance for underground pipes and calculate the fall needed to ensure that gravity takes effect. Repairing pipes that are damaged can either be by excavation or curing in place pipe.

Curing in place pipe is a method that causes minimal fuss to the customers property as in there’s no excavation taking place. A CIPP resin relining tube is covered with a resin sleeve which is then pushed down the pipe to the point of repair it is then inflated and left for a few hours. The resin sleeve then attaches itself to the inside of the pipe. Once the sleeve has cured it will be as hard as rock with a warranty of 25 years, they are great for repairing cracks, holes and displacements. The CIPP method can be applied to different lengths of pipe whether its a meter sleeve required to cover a few cracks or 20 meters. Either way Daily drains deals with all types of repair.