Emptying, Maintenance & Installation

If you live off the beaten track and are not connected to the mains then you’ll need some sort of tank to store your waste. You could choose a sewage treatment plant, septic tank or cesspit. Cesspits unlike sewage treatment plants and septic tanks don’t treat the waste they just hold it until a tanker comes along and removes the waste.

At Daily Drains, we have experience of installing the tanks as well as maintaining them. We can have a tailor made tank specific for your needs so it’ll be the appropriate size for the property.

Cesspit installation

In terms of efficiency cesspits come quite low down the pecking order with septic tanks and sewage treatment plants being the go to.  Cesspits can become costly having them frequently emptied. Occasionally there is no choice but to have a cesspit as the other options are just not feasible.

The installation of a cesspit consists of a cylindrical chamber which is around 1 metre in diameter and placed either 2 or 3 meters beneath the ground. The tanks will hold waste for approximately 45 days and can be fitted with an alarm to alert you as to when it is becoming full.

Cesspit maintenance

Once the cesspit has been emptied we can come and give it a full clean and if needed a repair also. With our high pressure jetter’s we can also flush out the pipes leading to the cesspit as they do have a knack of becoming blocked a little more regularly than the norm.

Whatever you need regarding cesspits we’re the company to call. You’ll have the reassurance of our engineers experience when it comes to all things drainage and cesspits related.