Leak Detection Service

If you have a damp patch, mold or mildew in your property, or an unexpectedly high water bill you might have a leak. Using cutting-edge equipment, we can employ high tech listening devices and infra-red heat technology to identify the location of your leak and determine the best solution to fix it.

Expert Water Leak Detection

The longer a leak goes unnoticed or unfixed, the higher your water bills will get, and the more damage it will cause. The best way to get to the bottom of a leak fast is to conduct a leak detection survey on your property.

We can help with:

Leak Detection

Pipe Repairs

Burst/Frozen Pipes


Preventing and Detecting Leaks

Leak detection is incredibly important to avoid damage and unnecessary costs. Daily Drains are highly skilled professionals with experience implementing the best techniques to detect a leak and prevent further complications like flooding.

From thermal imaging to tracer gas surveys. Our specialist team can use non-destructive methods to locate any type of plumbing leak precisely without causing unnecessary disruption or mess in your home or place of business.

If you live or work in a property prone to frequent leaks, there may be a serious underlying cause. For example, leaks can be a sign of a blockage or a collapsed drain, and if your property is pre-disposed to flooding due to its location, it is crucial to have preventative measures in place.

To find blockages or damage that is causing a leak, we can undertake CCTV drain surveys whereby we insert a small high tech camera into your drains. The CCTV equipment pinpoints the location of the problem, and from there, our specialists can carry out effective repairs. To combat flooding, we can also install state of the art water pumps to detect and remove any unwanted water from below your building.