When you think of summer, you probably think of blue skies, barbecues and walks in the sunshine. One thing you probably don’t think of is drainage issues – but summer can actually be the most problematic time of year when it comes to the functionality of your pipes.

As trees and bushes grow during the warmer months, falling leaves and tree roots can quickly lead to blockages in your drains, resulting in foul odours and all sorts of other problems that can ruin your plans. Whether you were looking forward to a relaxing weekend in the garden, or you’ve booked a holiday abroad, if your drains are blocked you’ll need to deal with them as quickly as possible – regardless of your plans!
At Daily Drains, we specialise in plumbing and drainage solutions, and know just how difficult it can be to cope with blocked drains during the summer months – so we’ve compiled a useful guide to help you deal with any drainage issues you might encounter.
Common Summer Drainage Issues
Slow-clearing drains are particularly common during the summer months, as tree roots can quickly grow within your outside pipes, preventing water from escaping as it should do. These roots can provide a trap for leaves and other debris that flows through your pipes, and therefore increase the size of the blockage until no water can escape at all. While blocked pipes are an irritation at the best of times, they can be especially unpleasant during summer, as nasty smells are exacerbated by the heat.
While tree roots can limit the functionality of your outside pipes, even your inside pipes can be affected if they aren’t maintained correctly. Trips to the beach inevitably lead to sand and small pebbles finding their way back home with you, and if they are washed off into the shower they can be caught up in hair and other build-ups in your plug hole, blocking water from escaping.
While slow-clearing drains and horrible smells might seem minor inconveniences, the effects of blocked drains can soon escalate if not dealt with swiftly, potentially leading to burst pipes and flooding in serious cases – so it’s essential that you keep them in good condition.
Preparation Tips
Turn the main water supply off:
If you’re going on holiday, you know to turn the lights off and make sure the door is locked before you go, but it’s just as important to remember to turn the main water supply off. This can be done very quickly, and safeguards you and your home from the risk of flooding while you’re away – saving you the expense and inconvenience of major repair work being required.
Regularly check your drains:
Don’t wait until you’re experiencing problems to keep an eye on your drains – if you check your drains regularly, you can act quickly to prevent issues from deteriorating. Your bath and shower sinks need particular attention, as hair, shampoo and shower gel can quickly congeal into blockages that need to be removed. Preemptively clearing your pipes on a regular basis is a good way of avoiding problems further down the line.