CCTV Drain Inspection

CCTV Drain Survey South Wales

CCTV Drainage Surveys

You might be in a situation where you have a constant stench coming from your waste pipes, or you might have a blocked sink along with other appliances becoming flooded that use water. To diagnose the problem before any remedial work is conducted would be to have a CCTV survey which will enable an inspection into the pipes and have a good look at what’s going on inside them. This is a lot more cost effective than digging into your property to reach the source of the issue in your pipe system.

If you have a full CCTV survey conducted then a report will be compiled and provided to you with details on what the camera has detected along with a video recording.

We use two types of software for our CCTV survey reports, that being either Wincan (recognized by all water authorities) or Mina (a more basic survey than wincan).

Upon request from the customer (either by email or phone call) we can supply you with the example reports to see which one best suits your needs.

CCTV Finding Issues

With drains being buried deep underground we often wonder what could be going on with them especially when we have an issue related to them. Quite often pipes will become blocked and the causes can be pipe displacement, a build up of scale or simply an object that has found it’s way into the pipes. Regardless of the issue a good starting point is to have an inspection of the drains with a camera. We’ll often do the drain survey free and incorporate it into the fixed price given to you.

CCTV survey can often detect the following but not limited to:

  • Blockages
  • Scale build up

  • Leaks

  • Pipe collapsed

  • Displaced joints

  • Tree root ingress

  • Corrosion

  • Wear and tear

  • Cracks and holes

Survey Process

At Daily Drains we’ll arrive to you in our branded van carrying all the equipment we need to deal with any issue you have relating to drainage or emergency plumbing. We use the markets best push rod camera system which can also record if needed and has sonar on the head of the camera so we can pin point where the issue is.

Firstly though we’d need to gain access to the drains which ideally would be through a manhole or inspection chamber but at times when these are not available we can make an access point in your pipe then seal it afterwards. The first step of the process is to gain access to your drains. If you have a full survey report conducted then we’ll provide you with a diagram, written report and a video of the drainage pipes. Otherwise we’ll use the camera for a quick look and see to detect the problem and offer you a way of fixing it at a fixed price.

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Homebuyer Survey

On too many occasions we’ve been called out to drainage issues shortly after people have moved in to their new property. It can’t be stressed enough how a CCTV report is a paramount part of the buying process along with the surveyors report. No one wants to buy a house and pay sometimes thousands to correct issues such as poor drains. By having a full CCTV report prior to moving in you can rest assured that you’ll not be incurring any problems with the drains. Likewise for vendors if there is a question mark over the drains from the buyer then a report is the easiest way of filling in the gaps with evidence.

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Build Over Survey

If your planning on building over a drain, such as having an extension built then the water authority in your local area will insist you have a CCTV drain survey prior to building it. This survey will give the water authority knowledge regarding the condition of the drain as their concern will likely be the added weight on top of the drain could lead to it’s collapse, which will then be a problem to fix. If the drain is in good condition then that’s often a green light for building work to go ahead.

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Pre-Tenancy Survey

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that the drain pipes and sewers within their property are in working condition prior to letting it out. Also having a CCTV survey prior to tenants moving in will give you proof of the condition of them and should they be damaged during the tenancy then it could be the fault of the tenant.