PPM Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
There’s never a good time to have a plumbing or drainage issue and most of the time they happen when we are least prepared.

If left drainage and plumbing issues can escalate and lead to bigger problems such as damaging floors, walls and furniture if water has seeped into them, furthermore water creates mould which lead to potential health issues for those that inhale near to it and can cause electrical faults. If you have a planned preventative maintenance agreement with Daily Drains then it reduces the chances of ever incurring these issues. Also you can budget for ensuring that the drainage and plumbing are in working order rather than a disaster take you by surprise and cost a lot more in the long run.

PPM Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance explained
Planned preventative maintenance is simply an arrangement with a customer to visit their premises and thoroughly check all of their plumbing and drainage to ensure if is in full working order. If during a pre-arranged visit anything out of the normal is noted then it will be fixed there and then, it’s a pre-emptive measure stopping issues arrising such as full grease traps or drains becoming blocked, this way businesses will not find themselves in an emergency situation.

Planned preventative maintenance is often more cost effective than having an emergency issue that could cause businesses to close if a great deal of damage is caused from a leak or flooding.

Daily Drains provide:-

  • Gutter maintenance
  • External and Internal drains maintenance
  • Septic tanks maintenance
  • Sewage plant maintenance
  • Urinal and toilet pipework maintenance
  • Grease trap maintenance Soakaway maintenance and getting rid of scale within pipework.