High-Pressure Drain Jetting

At Daily Drains we have a 4000 psi high-pressure jetter which runs off an engine and it’s attached to the back of our van with a hose that can reach 120 meters. With the jetting equipment we can tackle blockages, remove encrustations and break up debris that has made it’s way into the pipes.

What we use the jetter for

High-pressure jetting in the drainage industry is the go to for companies to remove blockages in the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way.

Drain maintenance/Cleaning – The high pressure water will slice through deposits that have built up such as grease etc.

Debris removal – Debris can harden in the pipes but the jetter with it’s high pressure water will break it down and send it on it’s course along the pipe system then onto treatment plants.

Septic tank cleaning and maintenance – The jetter is used to maintain the pipework for soakaways and tanks so their in good working order.

Gully cleaning – Blockages are often caused in gully pots from a build up of fat from the sink or debris from the storm pipes and will cause blocks. The jetter can get around the trap and clear the block.

Daily Drains offers a professional service and jetting is our forte whether you need us to clear a septic tank or maintenance of the drains we have all the equipment, expertise and experience to help you.