We’re experienced when it comes to installing or repairing water fittings at your home or business premises. Below are a few examples of water fittings that you’ll find on buildings something that Daily Drains have installed numerous times by our professional and experienced engineers.

Gully Repairs
Rest bend and Hopper

As this set-up does not have a trap to stop bad smells it is only sutable for direct connection to surface water from the rain and nothing else. In the image a single hopper has been shown however you can use a double or dished hopper.

Trap Installation Services
Yard Gully

This goes by many names such as Universal Gully or bottle gully etc. Larger versions, such as the one in the impage by this text may be termed ‘Access Gully’, this is when they allow rods to be inserted into the drain. Almost all of the gullies of this type are trapped.

Trap Installation
P-trap and Hopper

This is used to pick water up from a storm drain downspout. The P trap does not offer access for rodding however Daily Drains has the necessary equipment to overcome this problem by having a small diameter hose which can go through the trap and directly into a blockage.