Water Main Repair Service

Whether it is a result of corrosion or fluctuating temperatures, water mains can break or leak. When they do, this can cause flooding and costly damage. If your water main stops working or breaks, you need a trustworthy engineer to fix the problem fast, Daily Drains are available 24/7 to be that trustworthy engineer.

How We Can Help

If your water main is leaking, overflowing or broken, the pipe will need repairing or replacing fast, but it doesn’t have to be a messy or disruptive job. With a technique called moling, we can use our state of the art equipment to repair or replace your pipes without having to excavate your land or dig unsightly trenches. This means your water mains will be fixed with minimal disruption or mess.

We can help with:

Burst water main repair

Water moling

CCTV Surveys

Emergency Plumbing

Leak Detection

What Causes Water Mains to Break?

Do you have a leaking water main and want to prevent further problems down the line by finding out the cause? Our engineers can assess and fix the problem and will be more than happy to find a long-term solution to stop a similar breakage or leak from happening in the future.

Some of the most common causes of broken or faulty water mains include corrosion, fluctuating temperatures, inconsistent water pressure, and excavation activities.

Pipe Age & Material

Older pipes are more prone to corrosion, and if installed before the 1980s, they may be made of cast iron. Cast iron is not as durable and cannot as effectively expand and contract with changing temperatures as modern-day materials like ductile iron and PVC can, which can lead to pipes cracking and leaking.

Changes in Water Pressure

Extreme surges in water pressure can put water mains under considerable strain. Worst-case scenario, your water main will rupture as a result.

Excavation Work

When contractors or property owners carry out excavation work, they can accidentally hit your water pipes with digging equipment or excavation machinery, which may lead to your water main breaking or leaking.

Contact Daily Drains

There are plenty of reasons why a water main can break, but the impact remains the same — potentially devastating damage. When water mains break, you must act fast, so don’t hesitate to contact us for reliable and successful repairs.