Rainwater Harvesting Installation & System
Environmental issues are becoming more and more of an everyday subject and water usage is one factor in that topic that is often spoken about. Homeowners are now looking for alternatives to become more eco friendly and steer away from the reliance on mains water which in turn will be cost effective in reducing utility bills. Rainwater harvesting is an ideal way of optimizing from Britain’s rainy weather and reusing rainwater to facilitate the flushing of toilets etc.

The Uses of Rainwater
By using rainwater harvesting you can reuse the water to wash the car, flush toilets, run the washing machine, water the plants and clean the patio etc. A lot of new builds are including rainwater harvesting within their plans due to all the benefits being both financially and environmentally.

The Types of Rainwater Harvesting
There are three main rainwater harvesting systems which are detailed below:-

Underground rainwater systems – This method is handy if the above ground space is limited however it’s a little more costly due to excavation needing to be carried out and pump installed into the tank.

Basic rainwater systems – A 400 litre stand and round water butt is an atypical rainwater harvesting system, daily drains can provide larger capacity systems if required.

Above-ground rainwater systems – Tank sizes vary for an above ground rain water harvesting system and are pretty low cost too when installing them.

Daily Drains covers every aspect of rainwater harvesting at good prices so if you have any questions please get in touch.